PowerPoint presentations from the Azure OSS Summit in Argentina (Spanish)

Logo_Microsoft_PowerPoint_2013We have published the PowerPoint slides from the Azure OSS Summit in Argentina, presented last week.

They include the following topics (in Spanish, unless otherwise stated):

1. Introducción a Windows Azure.
1a. Microsoft GFS Datacenter tour (English only).
2. Arquitecturas Híbridas de Nube.
3. Desarrollo OSS en Windows Azure (PHP, Java, Python)
4. Motores de Bases de Datos OSS en Windows Azure
5. Node.js en Windows Azure

The files can be downloaded here: http://sdrv.ms/Xl60jt

Also, a few additional helpful resources:

- Task demos in different programming languages

- MSDN Magazine Service Bus article (English and Spanish)

- MSDN Magazine Node.js introduction (English only)

Thanks to everyone who attended and participated during the event!

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