Node.js and Windows Azure bootcamp in Salt Lake City

I had a chance to talk - along with my friend and colleague Steve Seow - about Node.js and Windows Azure this past Saturday in beautiful Salt Lake City. We had a really enthusiastic audience, building Node.JS application from scratch and learning about the benefits of the Windows Azure PaaS model, which facilitates and simplifies the process of scaling-out web solutions on-demand. I promised them to publish the PowerPoint deck that we used... so here it is: Node.js presentation deck.

In case you are interested, I also had a chance to provide a technical review for a Node.js article that my friend Bruno Terkaly wrote for MSDN Magazine online. It can be found here:

For more information about Node.js, and why it is becoming such a relevant platform for web development, visit the official website, located here: Also, the Windows Azure website includes great information on how to deploy your Node.js solutions to the cloud:

Last, but not least, my friend Aaron Stannard put together a github repository that includes tutorial, examples, and code samples:


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