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Global Windows Azure Bootcamp 2013 – Denver, CO USA

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bootcampThis Saturday, April 27th 2013, Microsoft will be hosting the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp at our office in Denver, Colorado. Brendon McCarthy, Joe Mayo, Bill Wegerson and I will be presenting on different topics, including hybrid cloud architectures, messaging and storage strategies. This one day deep dive class was created with developers in mind, wanting to get up to speed on developing for the Microsoft cloud platform. More information can be found here.

You can register by visiting the following page: and clicking on the "Register" button. The event is free, but we have limited capacity, so make sure to reserve your place as soon as possible.

7595 Technology Way, Suite 400
DENVER, CO 80237

See you there!


Windows Azure Insider April 2013 – NoSQL Data in the Cloud with Windows Azure Tables

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dn166920_cover_lrg(en-us,MSDN_10)This month, in the Windows Azure Insider column for MSDN Magazine, Bruno and I talk about the current NoSQL data landscape, explain how it's affecting the design of new solution architectures, and take a deep dive into Windows Azure Tables.

We start by showing developers how to perform basic operations (insert, query data), while fully disclosing the architecture - with the help of the Windows Azure Product Group - behind the Storage infrastructure that offers up to 200TB in capacity, and 20,000 entities per second for a single account.

The full article can be found here. Enjoy!


PowerPoint presentations from the Azure OSS Summit in Argentina (Spanish)

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Logo_Microsoft_PowerPoint_2013We have published the PowerPoint slides from the Azure OSS Summit in Argentina, presented last week.

They include the following topics (in Spanish, unless otherwise stated):

1. Introducción a Windows Azure.
1a. Microsoft GFS Datacenter tour (English only).
2. Arquitecturas Híbridas de Nube.
3. Desarrollo OSS en Windows Azure (PHP, Java, Python)
4. Motores de Bases de Datos OSS en Windows Azure
5. Node.js en Windows Azure

The files can be downloaded here:

Also, a few additional helpful resources:

- Task demos in different programming languages

- MSDN Magazine Service Bus article (English and Spanish)

- MSDN Magazine Node.js introduction (English only)

Thanks to everyone who attended and participated during the event!


PowerPoint presentations for the Windows Azure OSS summits in India

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Logo_Microsoft_PowerPoint_2013For those who attended the Windows Azure OSS Summits (Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore) in India, we just uploaded the PowerPoint presentations used during the different sessions, including:

1. Windows Azure Overview.
2. Building Hybrid Cloud Architectures
3. The OSS Developers Story
4. The OSS Data Story
5. Windows Azure and node.js

They can be found here: Enjoy!


Mark your calendars! Windows Azure OSS Summit in Argentina, March 2013

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WP_20130209_011Now is the turn for Buenos Aires, Argentina, where we will be talking about the integration between Windows Azure and Open Source technologies. Don't miss the Python, PHP, Java and node.js sessions, while we show you how to take advantage of multiple database engines - including Azure table storage, MongoDB, neo4j and Cassandra - for effective and scalable polyglot persistence architectures. If you are in the area, register today!

ArgentinaAhora es el turno para Buenos Aires, Argentina, donde hablaremos sobre la integración de Windows Azure con technologías de código abierto. No te pierdas las sesiones de Python, PHP, Java y node.js, mientras te mostramos cómo aprovechar la combinación de bases de datos - almacenamiento en tablas Azure, MongoDB, neo4j y Cassandra - para lograr arquitecturas efectivas y escalables basadas en una capa de persistencia políglota. Si te encuentras en la región... ¡regístrate ahora!.


Windows Azure Insider March 2013 – Real-World Scenarios for Node.js in Windows Azure

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jj991969.cover_lrg(en-us,MSDN.10) For the March 2013 edition of the Windows Azure Insider column in MSDN Magazine, Bruno Terkaly and I talk about node.js, the javascript server-side programming language that it's taking the world by storm (for the right use cases). We show you how to create a basic HTTP server, as well as how to use it for two specific situations: real-time web browser communication using long-polling mechanisms, including WebSockets; and exposing SQL DB data using a RESTful layer. Finally, we've included instructions on how to easily deploy your code to Windows Azure Web Sites. The full article can be found here: Enjoy!


Mark your calendars! Windows Azure OSS Summit in India, February 2013

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OSSIndiaSummitFollowing the successful Windows Azure OSS Summit that I presented in Paris with David Makogon, Bhushan Nene, and Karandeep Anand; we are now flying around the world to meet with Windows Azure developers in India, where we will be visiting three different cities: Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.


We will talk about the latest features incorporated into our cloud platform, how to access them from different programming languages such as Java, PHP and Node.js; while showing how to store, extract, transform, and analyze data using popular DB engines like Cassandra and MongoDB. If you are in the area, make sure to drop by!